Manage Projects

Start by adding new projects and managing all aspects going forward. Customer name, address, project scope, site contact, customer profile, projected revenue, etc.

Revenue & Expenses

Log revenue & expenses for each project. Attach expense receipts for mileage, gas, air travel, accommodation, meals and incidentals. Built in mileage calculator.

Annotate Floorplans

Upload project floorplans (single floor, multiple floors in a building, etc). Mark areas of concern and annotate the floorplans as you conduct your walk through.
Note the AP mounting location, ceiling types, wiring closet, cable riser, access hatch, etc. Print annotated floorplans and provide to your cabling/installation team or give them shared read only access.
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Site Notes

This builds on your annotated floorplans and allows you make text, voice, photo and video notes. An indispensable utility for a large project like school, hospitals with hundreds of rooms.

Task & Scheduling

Create a task list for each project and assign reminders for completion. Integration with Google, Office 365 calendar keeps all your appointments, reminders are in one place.

Cloud App Integration

Integrate with Google Drive, One drive, dropbox and keep all your files and data in sync.

Resource Library

Find best practices, how to videos, vendor specific setup and configuration guides.

Ask for help

If you run into technical challenges post your questions and have your peers offer suggestions, help and guidance

A simple overview into your business projects. A handy companion made to easily navigate all the essential tools that keep you organized. Keep track of your projects, project revenue, project expenses, appointments, task list, mileage, project hours, site notes, etc.

Easily plan your route to client sites and keep track of your milage and expenses. Export monthly reports to compare your revenue with expenses and invoice your customers accordingly.

Build upon your floorplans with simple drop and note annotations. Tap the area that you would like to annotate and select from a text, image or voice note. A marker with the respective icon will be plotted on your floorplan for future review.