Is the HiveRadar WSSK compatible with any vendors wifi AP ?

Yes it can work with 98% of the wifi units in the market. We have tested with Aerohive, Meraki, Ruckus. AP's that can be powered by 12VDC power have the longest runtime.

Can any wifi AP be mounted ?

The HiveRadar Kit by default includes a mounting plate with holes pre-drilled for Aerohive wifi AP's. Please contact us for custom mounting options. We will eventually offer mounting plates for Meraki, Ruckus among other vendors.

Why is the run time different with DC and PoE ?

DC provides better power efficiency and our test have shown runtimes of upto 21hrs. PoE+ on the other hand is convenient but not very power efficient. PoE+ run times vary depending on the power draw. Forcing the Aerohive AP230 to 802.3at draw resulted in runtimes of 8+ hrs.

What makes the HiveRadar Kit Airline Carry-on friendly ?

The case dimensions and weight meet the maximum dimensions and weight specified by the Airlines. The Included HiveRadar LiFePo4 battery is under 100wh which is the maximum allowable by TSA, FAA, IATA.

How does the kit have 3G/4G capability?

The HiveRadar WSSK has a 3G/4G ready router inside the kit. All you need is a 3G/4G USB stick modem with an appropriate data plan from your local Telco and connect the modem to the USB port on the case. Ideal for AP's that are cloud managed and where Internet connectivity on the job site is required.

What is the difference between the HiveRadar WSSK and HiveRadar RDK?

HiveRadar WSSK allows positioning of the wifi AP in either ceiling mount or wall mount configuration to mimic the final permanent installation positions. The HiveRadar RDK does not offer this capability. The Wifi AP is mounted on top of the pole making it a snap to setup for just about anyone.

How does HiveRadar WSSK compare to other site survey kits on the market ?

First and foremost is aspect of portability and number of people required to carry the gear. Solutions from other vendors are heavy and include multiple boxes and cases. One person would have to make multiple trips (not ideal) or the need for minimum two people at each survey site which is not very cost effective.

Second point is keeping your equipment safe and secure. All existing vendor solution have carry cases which have to be left behind or stowed somewhere on site. Your expensive gear left behind in the carry case can be stolen, hidden or damaged. It has happened to many of us.

A quick comparison below will help you decide:

WSSK Vendor Comparison

HiveRadar WSSK CasterTray Indoor Terrawave
All Inclusive Survey Kit
Yes X X
Airline Carry-On
Yes X X
Weight (Fully Loaded)
22lbs 20lbs
Dolly & Pole
Case is extra
54lbs - 95lbs
   Battery Included
(Long life LiFePo4)
X Included
   Battery Run-time 9hrs - 21hrs X 4hrs
   Battery Warranty 1 Yrs X 6 Months
TSA, FAA, IATA Battery Compliance for Airline Carry-On
Yes X X
Pole with Mounting Bracket
Yes Yes X
Extra $660+
Distance Measuring Tool
X Yes
Measuring Wheel
   Multi-Tool Yes X X
   Flashlight Yes
Rechargeable & Backup Power Source
   Cables Yes
Braided DC & USB
Std Cat5 Cable
Std DC Cable
   Power Source DC or PoE+ X DC & PoE
   Integrated Connectors Yes
   Wifi Scanner Yes X X
   Wifi Survey Software Optional X X
HiveRadar Project Planner Web Portal**
Yes X X
Wifi Engineer Locator Lead Referral Program
Yes X X
Bungee Cord, Pen, Sticker, Highlighter
X X Yes
Integrated 3G/4G for Field Connectivity and Cloud Managed AP's
Yes X X
   Price (USD) CONTACT US $1,350.00 $4,400.00
including pole
* CAT5 Cable included with 3G/4G or PoE Kit models
** Project Planner is currently in BETA


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